Gourmet Hawaiian Kava specializes in selling unique and varied Kava (‘Awa) cultivars. We are not a reseller or a Kava Bar – we are a family run Kava Farm. There are 13 known strains of Kava in Hawaii that were cultivated by the Islanders thousands of years ago, and our goal is to grow them all and provide them to you fresh from our farm.

Chris AllenMy name is Chris Allen and I am the owner of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava. I am somewhat of a Kava expert having actively engaged in the research, study and growing of kava for over 25 years.  I have been the President of the Hawaiian ‘Awa Council for the past 18+ years. As president of the Council, it is my duty to educate people about this beneficial botanical that has been used for centuries by Islanders for both medicinal and social uses.


We only ship to USA, Canada, Japan and New Zealand.