The Kava Library

The Kava Library is depository of information about Kava, a botanical plant that has been used by islanders for 1000 of years for a variety of purposes. It is also home to the Fresh Harvest Newsletter authored by Chris Allen of Gourmet Hawaiian Kava, a Kava Farm in Hawaii.

True Kava

The website is dedicated to the safe use of kava and how to tell if we have good Noble kava or if we have Tudei kava. This is a great site with a lot of information on Noble kava and Tudei kava.

The Kava Forums

The Kava Forums is a great place to go to get information and hang out with fellow kava lovers. It is hands down the best Kava Forums on the internet.

The Kava Society NZ

New Zealand’s first society dedicated to the promotion of kava culture and pure, noble and beautiful kava’s from around the Pacific. Stay calm. Drink good kava.