Papa ‘Ele ‘Ele Medium Grind



Product Description

This kava is called ‘Awa Papa ‘Ele ‘Ele and this ‘Awa is a hard to find and is a short internode variety that is dark with spots.  It has been found in several different places like Waipio Valley and  even in Kipahulu Valley on Maui.

There were tests done by Madis Botanical’s on several different samples of Papa ‘Ele ‘Ele and the kavalactone content on this can get as high as 20% but has an average of 11% kavalactones.

This is also called the Queens ‘Awa, it was thought that the Moi was the Queens ‘Awa but that is now thought to be incorrect and the Papa ‘Ele ‘Ele is the Queens ‘Awa or Lu’ukia.  This ‘Awa was harvested on 8-15-17

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1/2 lb., 1 lb., 1/2 lb. Outside USA, 1 lb. Outside USA